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For the first time again, nakapunta ulit ako sa PUP. Nakatambay ulit don at sa CEA. Nakapagkwentuhan ulit sa friends. May picture ulit na ita-tag sa isa pa naming friend para mang-inggit. Shit. I miss these things.

This is so intoxicating. Board exam results. My preboard result. I don’t know. I even want to force myself to read every page, every book I have. But it takes more time to read all of those. In two months, I’ll be one of those examinees, I just don’t know if I’ll pass but I hope, yes.

wastedxdreamer asked: Bat gising ka pa? Hahaha

Kase alam kong iniisip mo pa ako. Chars.

  • <b> Me:</b> Te, alam mo yung TUESDAY?<p><b>Ate:</b> Ano?<p><b>Me:</b> Di ba pelikula yon? TUESDAY-ting the Gangster.<p>

I’m depressed because I just got my preboard results. It’s quite okay but for just one subject, my overall average got so low. So low. So low. And that subject got not just so low, it’s super duper low. I’m thinking if I was sleepy while answering that time or was it the checker’s fault or the typist- of-the-results’. Then I checked my answers (because I have my answers marked on test papers, they only get the answer sheets), and I think I just got more than that of what is written on the result sheet. What the hell? It is the first time I get that kind of rating. I’m okay with 60% or 70%, if that’s what my extent of understanding can. But with thisssss FksdkdnCKING result? I felt dissappointed and I still can’t figure out on where or to whom should I be dissappointed. I need enlightenment.

"Describe yourself in one sentence."


I always choose good books to read but wrong people to love. 😂


Ang tunay na blogger mas inuuna yung responsibilidad niya kesa sa pagsasaya lang. Ang tunay na blogger hindi yung palaging nag-oonline, yung hindi na nga halos mautusan sa bahay at hindi na rin masyadong nag-aaral. Ang tunay na blogger kayang balansihen ang studies niya at Tumblr. Okay?

(via dadangcharaught)

Watching movie relieves stress.

thesidebofthemixtape asked: At anong pangalan po ang ibibigay mo po sa mga pulis? lols






O_O ipapa-trace ko blog mo. Haha. Ipapa-inception kita!

Kung ma-trace po. Tsaka po wala naman pong evidence para ma-convict ako for a crime. haha

Ayan na po, ginamitan na ko ng law. :3 

Inaapi mo ko. (Nasan na ang emma na nakilala ko noon T_T)

Civil law lang alam ko, di criminal law. haha. Ang alam ko lang kailangan ng evidence para maconvict. huehue.

Di ko alam na may nakilala ka palang Emma noon. Baka iba yon? xD

Dumudugo ilong ko. Simpleng mamamayan lang po ako na ignorante sa batas. -_-

Ignorance of the law excuses no one.

Lumabas ako ng sinehan ng di pa gaanong humuhupa yung luha ko. Tungunu. haha

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